In today’s digital era, the creation of animated videos has become an indispensable part of the marketing strategy for many companies. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the top ten companies that excel in producing high-quality and effective animations, helping their clients reach their target audience and engage them.



Is an animation studio. The design-driven creative team that creates unforgettable stories for the presentation of your products and services on the website, social network, or television. The creative story, lovely design, and outstanding animation are the main things that connect  in Moodive studio. Do you need a custom made explainer, promo video, short animated ad, or video presentation? Contact they and get a free quote for Premium Animated Video.

When you search for video production company near me, or local video production company, you can’t go wrong with Episode 11 Productions. The first Vetern and Woman owned Video Production company in the United States. Agency produces the highest of quality, along with psychological techniques, which gives you the edge over your competition.


We live in a world where audiences are overloaded with content. In our world we don’t think of our projects as interruptions, we consider them as a distruptive force that defies the ordinary. We host a roster of hand picked directors, who are passionate about the craft and have no boundaries to where their ideas will take them. Diverse group of producers work in harmony to turn ideas into deliverables.

Is creative Solutions Company with in-house capabilities in video production, photography, digital design, web design and developmen, UX/UI deisgn and product design. Since 2012, they delivered over a thousand projects for clients in Singapore and around the world.

2020 Media International creates video, TV and online content that makes an impact and gets results. With a global client range of household names, they bring their extensive experience, creativity and storytelling skills to help businesses stand out from the crowd.  They video services include: branded storytelling, business communications, training, promos, TV and online adverts, TV sponsorship, PR, features, trailers, online distribution and media training.

Dream Farm is a character-driven animation studio creating 3D & 2D animation series with passion and masterful artistry. Thanks to  large team of dream makers, they can deliver a consistent volume of work while keeping creativity at the core of each project. They work closely with clients to produce outstanding results and offer comprehensive services to top companies and startups.

Based in Los Angeles, they are a full-service tech-driven production company specializing in projection mapping, holograms, and unique video solutions. Also known for conceptualizing, designing, and executing unique and breathtaking experiences. Theyr projects span from theatre, broadcast, film, live events, music touring, festivals, corporate events, retail, and museum exhibits


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